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What happens during a treatment?

We start by setting a therapy goal with you. The treatment is tailored to your needs. We specifically work on releasing restrictions; this is what we call an adjustment. It aims at increasing the degrees of liberty in your musculoskeletal system.

Most people feel a clear change soon after the treatment. To achieve lasting and deep changes, we recommend an individual treatment plan.

Our Treatments

Every phase of life brings its own challenges.

Babies and Children

We both have completed extra training in pediatric care, we are respectful, patient and have a soft touch. Through play, we invite our little patients into treatment.


Each pregnancy is unique. By analyzing mobility of the pelvis and surrounding tissues, we can make room for ease.


Over the years Injury patterns and protective postures can settle in before they create problems. We treat as a precaution.


Fine-tuned coordination brings stability and fun to movement. With that, a flexible spine can lead to more efficient muscle control.

Pain Management

When we feel pain, it is the body's way of communicating that something is wrong and out of balance.


Misalignments of the jaw and pelvis, among others, can be mutually dependent. Chiropractic can be used to influence these interactions.

Our goal is more ease for you

Our aspiration


In a first interview, we start by setting a therapy goal with you.


The treatment is tailored to your needs.


We are happy to treat you also in German, French and Spanish.


Chiropractic care is effective and can bring you lasting change.

We are Deine Chiros

Caroline v. Dungern and Florence Joulian are qualified chiropractors with a passion for accompanying people who want to experience the full potential of their body.